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Here you will find stories from the young people you support, and information on the activities we are undertaking to support our belief that no child should die of diabetes. Click the tabs above to explore. 

  • Amita - Nepal

    Amita - Nepal

    Amita’s parents were working overseas when she was diagnosed. A terrifying and overwhelming time, she was in hospital for a week.

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  • Aditi, Divit and Faiyaz – India

    Aditi, Divit and Faiyaz – India

    The diagnosis of a child with diabetes can be scary and overwhelming for families anywhere in the world. Imagine having three children in one family, all diagnosed at a young age. This is what happened to a family in Indore, India.

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  • Yasir - Pakistan

    Yasir - Pakistan

    At age four, Yasir was rushed to hospital where doctors realized he was in Diabetic Ketoacidosis. He was diagnosed with type 1 and, for the next few days stayed in hospital and, along with his parents, learned how to manage his diabetes.

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  • Darlenis - Ecuador

    Darlenis - Ecuador

    Darlenis is the only young person with T1D on San Cristobal Island, in the Galapagos Archipelago, and has very little support regarding her diabetes management. Our colleague, Aracely Basurto, from FUVIDA diabetes center in Guayaquil, Ecuador, was contacted via Facebook by Darlenis, seeking advice.

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  • Estephany - Guatemala

    Estephany - Guatemala

    Estephany is a young girl supported by the program in Guatemala. She wanted to share her story to encourage younger children living with diabetes.

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