The IDF Life for a Child (LFAC) Programme was established by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in November 2000. Since its inception, the programme has been operated by staff employed by Diabetes NSW & ACT (DNSW & ACT) in Australia, led by a General Manager and directed by a Steering Committee, comprising of representatives of IDF, Diabetes NSW & ACT and other LFAC partners.

The IDF Board recently decided to move the operational management of the IDF LFAC programme from Australia to the IDF Executive Office in Brussels, Belgium. This decision involves a restructuring and reorganisation of the activities of the programme.

Following the IDF Board decision, LFAC staff employed by Diabetes NSW & ACT continue to operate the programme in its current format, providing support to over 18,000 children and youth in more than 40 countries. These activities are not under the governance of the IDF Board and no longer form part of the IDF Life for a Child programme.

IDF is currently in the process of developing a new strategy for the programme and identifying additional countries and territories where children and youth affected by diabetes are in urgent need of life-saving diabetes care and education.

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