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Extend30 #1

Life for a Child will provide support up to the age of 30 to young people living in Low-Income Countries (LICs).

This expansion will apply to the 16 countries that receive support from Life for a Child and are classified as LIC by the World Bank in FY22.


Limited access to supplies and support for young adults

Life for a Child has long been aware of the difficulties young adults face when they reach the age of 26 and are no longer eligible for our support. Those in low-income countries are often the hardest hit, as there are fewer employment opportunities that provide insurance or enough income for adequate diabetes supplies and care.

Manuel checks his blood glucose in Bolivia
Reflections from Ethiopia

"We must stick to the rules. But we bleed inside"

Tsegamlek, Ethiopia

Tsegamlek, Life for a Child coordinator at the Ethiopian Diabetes Association explained what it feels like when he and his colleagues must refuse or stop support for young people turning 26.

Tsegamlek lives with diabetes and was once a beneficiary of Life for a Child, so he knows first-hand just how difficult things can be for young Ethiopians when they age out of Life for a Child support.


Dr. Marguerite de Clerck has been providing support to young people living with diabetes in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo since 1973.

Below is an excerpt from a letter she wrote in 2021 describing the challenges facing young people when they age out of Life for a Child support.

"Young adults find it difficult to find employment and earn a good living. There is nothing to provide them with what they need for survival. And insulin prices stay high for tiny family budgets.

I have spent more than 40 years of my life serving people with diabetes and I am often moved when I see their difficulties. They already have a hard time surviving and taking care of themselves properly, with the addition of immense financial difficulties their life is hell and there is very frequent premature death. Our patients are often surprised to see their comrades with AIDS treated for free when they have to pay all the costs. It is sad to put so much effort on children who are later condemned once becoming adults."

Dr. Marguerite de Clerck, Democratic Republic of Congo

The Solution

Providing a lifeline for thousands of young adults

We estimate that Extend30 will quickly see Life for a Child support an extra 5,000 young adults who are currently struggling to afford supplies and care. 

This extension will enable reliable access to care for young adults, who at times have no choice but to resort to bare minimum management of T1D, such as rationing insulin. This will translate into a reduction of acute complications and even death.

Extend30 aims to build a future where, at age 26, young people don’t have to push their dreams to one side. They can complete their education, explore employment opportunities, and start families they wouldn’t be able to consider if they had the perpetual need to find money to afford their diabetes care.

Manuel checks his blood glucose in Bolivia

Extend30 Countries

These countries are highlighted in orange below. Tap or hover your mouse over the map explore.

Expected impact in Rwanda

Crispin Gishoma, Rwanda Diabetes Association board member explains the future impact that EXTEND 30 will have on young people attending the association

"Extend 30 will bring hope to the patients, who otherwise would struggle to find the appropriate care. This will help them to avoid the complications that will impact their quality of life and premature death.

The extension will reduce the worry to access to their supplies and help them focus on their careers and families. 25 years old is the average age to have a family in Rwanda, therefore this opportunity will support the beneficiaries to start a new life.

By living a long and a healthier life, they can constitute a living and inspire proof to the younger generations of people living with diabetes and the general public: That it is possible to manage and live with the disease."

Crispin Gishoma, Rwanda

Dr Gaspard Kouriah, endocrinologist at Association des Diabetiques en Centrafrique (ADC)
explains the future impact that EXTEND 30 will have on young people attending the association.

"Our country has been going through a military and political crisis for more than 10 years, generating internally displaced people.

Although young people are prepared at least a year before they [age out of Life for a Child support at age 26] the day of the announcement of the end of the donation is surrounded by great emotions and tears.

Generally in the weeks following, these young people can sometimes be found in comas due to diabetic ketoacidosis because they do not have money to get insulin.

The impact of extending Life for a Child support to our young people means they will have access to insulin, syringes, monitoring their glycaemia and HbA1c. This extension means they can also access our clinic for regular follow-up for their complications. The people who will be particularly relieved are: internally displaced people, the unemployed, the orphans, and the handicapped."

Dr Gaspard Kouriah, Central African Republic


We would particularly like to thank Eli Lilly and Company and Direct Relief for their support of Extend 30. Lilly has committed insulin and coverage of the costs of packing and shipment. 

Other major financial contributors to Life for a Child are the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, JDRF, and Diabetes Australia. A list of our partners and contributors can be found here.

It is only because of the generosity of individuals, charitable foundations, and in-kind and financial donations from industry, that we are able to independently support young people living with diabetes.

Life for a Child USA Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization EIN 47-4901579.

Diabetes Overseas Aid Fund T/A Life for a Child is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

Life for a Child is managed by Diabetes Australia.

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