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Holley Allen in Nepal about usLife for a Child is an International Diabetes Federation program, with the vision: NO CHILD SHOULD DIE OF DIABETES

Type 1 diabetes is a lifelong condition requiring daily insulin injections, blood glucose monitoring, education and specialist health care.

Access to this life-saving treatment is often difficult, and sometimes impossible, to achieve in less-resourced countries. Without support, many young people die soon after being diagnosed. Those who survive develop complications, such as eye damage and kidney failure.

This is where Life for a Child steps in. We partner with diabetes centers in lower-income countries to provide young people with:

  • Insulin and syringes
  • Blood glucose monitoring equipment and test strips
  • Clinical care
  • HbA1c testing
  • Diabetes education, workshops, camps, resources
  • Support for health professionals

rwanda crop 2Through these partnerships, we are supporting over 18,000 young people living with type 1 diabetes.  In some of the countries where we work, we have the resources to help every diagnosed child. With your support, we can achieve this in all 42, and extend the program to help others in need. There is a waiting list for support.

In addition to the provision of essential supplies and technical assistance, Life for a Child conducts clinical research, and assists local partners with the development of advocacy campaigns to improve diabetes care in young people. Life for a Child is steered by the overarching view to promote sustainable solutions within partner countries.

Click here to meet some of the young people supported by the program. 


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